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Tour Guide - Dave Wise

Originally from England, Dave has lived in Toronto for 5 years. He won the Canadian 24 hr Running Male Championship Event in 2016 and 2017, and took his yoga teacher training in 2019. His recent publication - Zen Concept Cooking - reflects his growing interest in taking a traditional Eastern approach to world cuisine and a whole food, vegan diet. All tours include vegan snacks created by Dave.  

Toronto City Tours

All tours will be on a mix of hard path and dirt trail, unless you request hard path only. Vegan, nut free snacks are provided. Basic stand up yoga can be included at no extra cost on request. Email to arrange your run. 

High Park & Swansea Classic Route

Starts and Finishes at the Keele St entrance of Keele Subway. Takes in the main trails and pathways of High Park. Approx 8km - Approx 90 minutes.

1 person $30 - 2 people $50 - 3 people $60 - 4 people or more $15 each.

High Park to the Tower

From High Park to the CN Tower. Starts outside High Park Subway Station, finishes at the base of the CN Tower. Approx 13 km - Approx 2 hours.

1 person $60 - 2 people $70 - 3 people $90 - 4 people or more $25 each.

The Toronto Trail Classic Ultra

50km on the trails, from north of the city to the waterfront. All day tour. Route and Price on request. 


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