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Thoughts after running the 2018 Marathon des Sables

Active Learning Run - Tom Longboat

Tom broke several Canadian and world records, represented Canada at the Olympics and became, according to his closet rival, possibly the greatest marathon runner of all time...READ MORE

Review - Oakley Field Jacket Sunglasses

These sunglasses are made for multi-sport use – running, road cycling and mountain biking. We used them for road and trail running for over a year, since the start of 2019....READ MORE 

Review - Xero Shoes Mesa Trail

These Xero Shoes encourage good running form, their 5,000 mile sole/2 year warranty is better than any other shoe I know of, and they’re vegan. I've been using them since the spring...READ MORE 

Active Learning Run - Jackie Shane

A half marathon around Toronto searching for sites associated with the Black Trans singer Jackie Shane, the Gay artist Will Munro, the Bathhouse Raids, and Pride...READ MORE 

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