About Us

Dave Sherman

UK Editor

"It's hard to believe just a few years ago, in October 2011, I struggled through my first 5km race. Since then I've gradually bumped up the distance to Ultra-Marathon (completing over 20 marathons across Europe along the way), and over the last couple of years I've diversified into Triathlon with 3 Half Iron events under my best. Next summer I'll complete my first Full Iron distance, and although I still don't think of myself as an athlete/triathlete - especially when I'm lazing about on the sofa - I'm proud to say I'm living proof that if you can dream it and believe it (and of course put in the hard work along the way...) you can achieve it.'"

5km - 19:45

10km - 42:14

10 Mile - 70:14

Half Marathon - 1:32

Marathon - 3:35

Half Ironman - 5:25


Virgil Cheung

Canadian Team

"I got into running in 2012 when an extended family member suffered health setbacks. It served as a wakeup call, and also as a challenge to myself. An avid road cyclist accustomed to doing 100km club rides; I extended myself into duathlons, then triathlons, and increased my mastery of the three disciplines. Since I always suffered on the run, particularly distances greater than a half marathon, I took to doing trail ultras to train myself for flat marathons. Not only did this strange strategy work, I also made a slew of friends in the process. A key goal is to run a sub 4h marathon this year. I have done four half ironman races to date and am doing two more in 2017 - hopefully improving my stamina to tackle a full ironman race one day."

5k - 23:21

10k - 47:02

Full Marathon - 4:12

Half Ironman - 6:12:28


Vijay Algoo

UK Team

"I’m the team’s novelty chubster! I’m unfit, unhealthy and can be pretty lazy. You’ll see that the other guys take on and conquer some crazy challenges. I’m here to show you don’t have to be a primed athlete to get involved and enjoy a variety of activities and races. Over the last 12 months I’ve taken part in Obstacle runs, Triathlons, a 24 hour event and ran my first half marathon and I'm wanting to continue this and up my distances and challenge-level in the near future."

Tim Sweeney

Canadian Team

"My running journey started in 2012 as a weight loss strategy. A goal of running my first 10k has morphed into becoming an ultra runner. This year I turned 50, and that number has factored heavily into 2016 for me. I ran my first official trail ultra of 50k, numerous 50k training runs, and my first (and second) 50 milers. I've also been getting somewhat faster at all distances, with PR's this year in the 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon already in the books. This past year I've discovered trail running and it's reignited what was already a passion for running. Next up on my 2017 wish list; fastpacking and some multi-day adventures or stage races."

5k - 24 minutes

10k - 48 minutes

Full Marathon - 4:12


Dave Wise

International Editor

"In 2016 I won the 24hr Men's Canadian Championship race in London, Ontario and the Eirinodromia 10k in Athens, Greece, as well as achieving top 20 finishes in numerous road and trail events. I've completed around 60 marathons and have a few more lined up for 2017 although my focus for this year is the Marathon des Sables in Morocco. I've always been keen on hiking; in the past I've crossed the Sinai Desert alone, twice, done a north/south coast to coast traverse of Turkey and a 500 mile solo trek through Cental Africa. I'm also a keen canoeist and cyclist, having ridden from London to Scotland and coast to coast across Sri Lanka."

5km - 18:41

10km - 39:11

Half Marathon - 1:29:26

Marathon - 3:09:29

50 mile - 8:31:44

24 Hour - 193km


Pamela Kikosewin-Holden

Canadian Team

"I got back into running in 2012 after my husband and I adopted three children. Life was suddenly overwhelming at times and running was a chance to reconnect with myself and be in the moment. I started with 5ks and 10ks but with time, I began to be attracted to the longer distances. Running, walking and cycling have become an adventure for me. I love speed walking through the night seeing different parts of Toronto, listening to podcasts. I love to push myself for longer distances - recently I completed a self supported ironman within the city - to see the sunrise by the lake and connect with other runners, especially vegan runners! In 2016 I was pleased to win the walking category of STWM."

5k - 24 mins

10k - 51 mins

24 hour - 100km



Steve Kimberley

UK Team

"I like to see myself as the group’s comic relief. With a background in news journalism I love getting the opportunity to bring two of my passions together. From a muppet who wanted to do a 5k obstacle course, the team has helped me overcome marathons and assault courses that I never thought possible for myself. I stick to the manta that if you train hard and say ‘yes’ to any challenge, you’ll tend to surprise yourself."


Frequently Asked Questions

1/ What's Trek and Run?

A group of friends who enjoy sports and travel and want to provide you with easy access to balanced, truthful accounts of trekking, running and other activities worldwide, and the equipment and services that help you do it all. We've got over 40 years of travel and sports journalism experience between us and a commitment to honest, positive reporting. If a reader needs a balanced view of a country, event or experience written by somebody who's actually been there, done that and has a wide knowledge of the subject, Trek and Run is one of the first places they come.


2/ What are your circulation figures?

For the year ending 1st June 2017, our figures are 51,000 unique readers per month making approx 604,000 hits. 72% of our readers are male, 28% female, with age group stats as follows;

18 to 24 - 16%

25 to 34 - 26%

35 to 44 - 23%

45 to 54 - 23%

55 to 64 - 7%

Geographically, our readers hail from (top 10 countries);

USA - 19%, UK - 13%, Canada - 4.5%, Germany - 4%, Norway - 3.8%, China - 3.55%, France - 2.7%, Netherlands - 2.32%, India - 1.6%, Italy - 1.56%


3/ Why don't you have click-bait style multi page articles or adverts on Trek and Run?

Multi page articles only exist to register more hits and don't contribute to an honest or pleasant viewing experience. Adverts are annoying and most are just pushing unethical or unsustainable rubbish and we don't want to be a part of that. Sure, we could earn some useful income by having adverts, but we prefer it this way.


4/ Your films are different from other race films, most don't even have music, why?

Because we want to tell the truth, and heavy metal/hipster indy soundtracks laid over images of a marathon/trail event has very little to do with offering you a truthful picture of the raceday experience. The point of our films is to help you decide if you want to be a part of the event in the future so we try to present each event in the way we actually experienced it.


5/ How do you test your products?

The average journalists' standard way of reviewing gear is to take it down the local park, wear it for 5 minutes, snap a few photos and then write a report. We don't like that. It's dishonest. So we wear the kit and use the services as you would. Then we write honestly about our experiences. If you find our reviews mostly positive that's because we vet companies/hotels/restaurants before we use or visit them (as you would) and avoid ones that sound dodgy, and that most outdoors or sports product nowadays is made to an incredibly high standard and there's little point pretending otherwise. If anything is no good, however, we'll let you know.


6/ You probably get all that product for free like all the other journalists; how can I trust you're telling the truth about the stuff and not just trying to please the people who gave you it?

Most of the product and services that appear on this site we get for free in exchange for our writing and photography; the hotel stays, the food, the kit, the race entries, everything. Like most of you we can't work and not get paid in some way for it, and since we don't take adverts then getting the product for free is our payment for writing about it all.


That doesn't compromise our ability to give a fair, honest and experienced review but if you think different, well, that's up to you. The only difference between us and every other travel and sports newspaper or mag on this subject is that we tell you we get the product for free whilst the others don't.


7/ Can I join your event day team, and write for you?

If you're experienced at sports or travel, perhaps. Email us your sports or travel CV (what races you've done, areas you've explored, etc) and we'll see.

So that's how it is here at Trek and Run. If you've got any questions concerning what we're about or what we've written then feel free to get in touch.




We run, we hike, we swim, we bike, we travel. And then we write honestly about it all and make non glossy films as an alternative to the advertiser-focused, unsustainable and largely unethical sports, activity and travel magazines that tend to pass as our mainstream media nowadays. Share our values and want to join us? Get in touch.



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International Enquiries - Dave W