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KEEN ‘DURAND’ IS ONE IN A MILLION - NEW ROUTE ANNOUNCED FOR 2015 VITALITY READING HALF MARATHON - New Hammocks from Therm-a-Rest‏ - Lake District's ULTIMATE Trails Challenge returns‏ - The Leather Boot Family from Anatom‏ - Athletes Outrun the Sun to conquer Mont Blanc in world first trail challenge - READ THE NEWS HERE

Gear - Gore Bikewear Ladies Kit

I have never worn biking clothes before and in fact, I’ve only learned to ride a bicycle a few months ago (September 2013) but when we were given the offer to cycle through the island of Sri Lanka, west coast to east, I had to learn as that kind of opportunity doesn’t come often! So I asked Dave’s help in packing for the trip, and in choosing a cycling outfit. We were told that we’d cycle through various landscapes with changing climates, like the monsoon west, mountainous and hilly centre, and the dry-zone east. Dave suggested I take a... Read More


Event - Grand Union Challenge

To most people who have never run before, a 5km or 10km is a challenge worthy of respect. Many people consider completing a Half Marathon a huge achievement and most will question your sanity when told you’ve signed up for a full marathon (“Why would you want to run 26.2 miles?!”), however if you really want to make someone’s jaw drop there are only two words you need to say… Ultra Marathon! I won’t lie and pretend I felt in any way ready for this event. Despite having previously run 8 full Marathons (6 of... Read More

Just 5 minutes walk from the royal palace and 10 minutes from Bab Doukkala and the main bus station, in a very relaxed part of the medina, the quiet alleyways leading to Dar Baraka and Karam (they are 2 separate places to stay, under the same management of Marrakech Riads and joined by a connecting door) ready you for the utter tranquility that awaits inside the Baraka. Apart from the call to prayer and the occasional birdsong the only other sound that we heard here during our 7 nights stay was the tinkling of the courtyard... Read More

Event - The Gosport 5km

The Gosport 5k Summer Series is a comprised of 4 races held once-a-month throughout the Summer along Stokes Bay promenade. I ran the 5k on July 8th. It had absolutely poured down with torrential rain during the day so I was all set for a blustery run but the sun made an appearance right on time to treat us to some beautiful views of the Solent. The course is a nice and simple straight dash up the promenade with two laps around the lifeboat station then back to finish right at the Bayside Cabin. Although the route is as flat... Read More

Ideal for the active individual, whether hiking, playing or swimming, this non-greasy, oil-free, water- and sweat-resistant formula is ideal for hours of outdoor activity With broad spectrum, UVA/UVB protection, Sport Natural Sunblock SPF 45 helps protect skin from prolonged sun exposure to help prevent sun burn which can lead to premature aging. It is also formulated with antioxidants from Aa Extract...Read More

Gear - Platypus Duthie AM 12 Bag

They Say - Just like you’d expect from an all mountain pack, the Duthie AM 12 does it all. Nine liters of gear storage and a 3-liter Big Zip SL reservoir easily handle just about anything you could pull off in a day. An external stuff pocket offers quick access and stash-ability, while compression straps carry body armor or let you shrink the pack down for shorter rides. We Say – I wanted a versatile bag to use on my 650km, month long cycling and hiking trip to Sri Lanka. It had to be suitable for both the activities I was going to do and also...Read More


Gear - Helly Hansen Travel Shirts

I’ve been wearing these 2 shirts as my regular, day to day shirts during the last 2 months of travel. I’ve been backpacking through Sri Lanka and Morocco (I’m still on the road now, with another month to go) so everything I’ve brought with me has had to fit into my 70 litre rucksack, which in turn means that everything I’ve got has to be multi use, including my clothes. I’ve used Helly Hansen clothes before and found them to be hard wearing and smart, so I didn’t hesitate in choosing Helly clothes this time around for this 3 month... Read More


Sri Lanka - Polonnaurwa Ruins & Children's Home

If you’re visiting Sri Lanka and are intent on seeing something other than the 1,600 kms of coastline that the island has to offer you’ll probably find yourself considering a visit to Polonnaruwa, the town famed for it’s 1,000 year old ruins that were declared a World Heritage site in 1988. I’ve been there a couple of times and have always enjoyed my visits, most recently in May 2014 after we’d... Read More

Gear - BLOC Eyewear; Boston

These Bloc glasses feel solidly made and fit me very well; in the past 2 months I’ve worn them for all my non-sporty tourism adventures in Sri Lanka and Morocco (from general tourism to messing about in the pool) and they never felt like they’d fall off once. They also offer good all round coverage – meaning the sunlight doesn’t infringe noticeably at the top or sides – and their classic look suits most occasions and clothes I find myself in. My only slight criticism is that the bag they come in doesn’t always stay closed when ... Read More


Gear - Barefoot Rescue Cream

A true RESCUE cream! I have super dry skin and when I travel my skin (especially my face) becomes even worse that when I'm at home and I have bad reactions that appear as as sort of mild eczema (sometimes the skin around my eyes gets really red, puffy and cracked). I’m really selective about what I use on my face and wanted to find a brand like Barefoot SOS, who market themselves as using pure ingredients and herbal remedies instead of chemicals. I'm travelling in Morocco right now and a week ago I... Read More